Capabilities for Building Owners
SeSt Seismic Strengthening
We are motivated to protect the world from the devastating effects of earthquakes. Our seismic designs use as much of the existing building components as is feasible. Speed, little-to-no disruption, and cost effective are hallmarks of our seismic designs in construction. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
SE&A Seismic Evaluation & Analysis We have evaluated more than 10,000 buildings for seismic vulnerabilities. Our analysis focuses on specific performance objectives suited to the project and we walk our clients through affordable techniques and options that are rooted in the historic performance of buildings in earthquakes. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
SHRP Seismic Hazard Reduction Programs If you have a large inventory of buildings and want a strategy to mitigate your seismic risk, we have more than 70 years of earthquake engineering expertise to assist you. Programs can include seismic evaluations, post-earthquake response and training, and seismic upgrades. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
SRA Seismic Risk Assessment
We're not just structural engineers. We're business owners and we know what it means to measure business risk. As earthquake engineering experts, we can help you determine your seismic risk, probable loss, and how best to protect your business. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
N-SD Non-Structural Design
Is what's in your building more important to your business operations than the building itself? We're not just earthquake engineers. We're business owners too. We create design solutions that protect equipment from earthquakes for high tech, manufacturing, and health care clients who've invested hundreds of millions of dollars in mission critical equipment. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
PR/VE Peer Review / Value Engineering As earthquake engineers, we're passionate about making sure people are safe and buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. As a peer reviewer, we identify potential design issues in understandable language and offer options to quickly remedy any disagreements amongst the design professionals. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
PER Post Earthquake Response We're moved by the desire to keep people safe. We respond to our clients post earthquake needs immediately. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
FE Forensics Engineering We have more than 70 years' experience as structural engineers and have evaluated and designed more than 10,000 buildings. We know structural performance, and we are dedicated to finding the cause of the problem and communicating the details in a clear, concise, and authoritative manner. Download PDF of Relevant Experience