Stanford University, Neuroscience and Biology (CheM-H/SNI)

On their fifth collaboration, Ennead Architects and Degenkolb Engineers designed a 235,000 square foot interdisciplinary research space for the Chemistry, Engineering and Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) and Neurosciences Institutes (SNI). This new lab creates a collaborative building for interdisciplinary studies. This project was architecturally demanding as well as technically challenging from a seismic and vibration perspective. Special features include a knife-edge mansard roof, nine monumental stairs, two bridges (without seismic joints), exposed elliptical trellis, and a center courtyard with up to 4ft of soil. This was a $256 million project that was completed in early 2020.

  • Degenkolb Team: Ray Pugliesi and Ariel Creagh with major help from Sandy Hohener, Vincentius Kho , Justin Tan, and Katie Boisseree (during her summer internship)
  • Architect: Ennead Architects out of NYC
  • Timeline: Design started in 2014. Construction started in 2016. Building opened in 2020.
  • Project Cost: $125M
  • Project Size: 235,000 sf
  • Gravity System: Steel framing with specialized use of concrete flat plate and concrete beam/slab
  • Lateral System: SidePlate Moment Frame analyzed with LDP and limited NLA
  • Vibration Criteria: 4000, 2000, and 500 mip lab. Used the CCIP method.
  • Building Use: Interdisciplinary laboratory used by the departments of Chemistry, Engineering and Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) and the Stanford Neurosciences Institute (SNI)

Project Stats

Client Ennead Architects LLP, Stanford University,
Square Footage 235,000
Construction Cost $256million
Completion Date early 2020
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