Leadership Development

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Laurie Lumish

ACEC Bay Bridge Chapter Communications Chair, 2021-2022

I’ve been honored to serve the ACEC Bay Bridge Chapter for nearly three years, helping to modernize outreach to our members.  I’m fortunate that Degenkolb supports our involvement in professional organizations so readily.

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Devon Lumbard

SEAOCC President, 2021-2022

When Degenkolb opened the Sacramento Office in 2018, I asked myself “what does it mean to be local?”.  Volunteering my time at SEAOCC was the answer.  We have a relatively young SEAOCC board this year, and I’m excited to work with the future leaders to advance our profession.

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Laura Basualdo

ACE Mentor and LA/OC Affiliate Board Member

I joined ACE as soon as I started working at Degenkolb in 2010. I have been a co-team leader for two different teams in the LA area and recently joined the ACE Board of Directors for the LA/OC Affiliate. I enjoy mentoring our students and seeing them develop a passion for Structural Engineering.

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Kyle Steuck

EERI Washington Chapter, President

EERI brings together people from many disciplines and areas of expertise. I enjoy working with this broad group of individuals, all working to reduce our community’s earthquake risk through education and advocacy.