Capabilities for Architects
NBD New Building Design
Is your project complex or routine? We work hard to understand your vision and then design custom structural solutions to fit your needs. Call us co-dependent, but it makes us happy to bring your visions to life and see your projects through to successful completion. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
SeSt Seismic Strengthening
We are motivated to protect the world from the devastating effects of earthquakes. And we're excited by intellectual challenges. Our seismic designs use as much of the existing building components as is feasible. Speed, little-to-no disruption, and cost effective are hallmarks of our seismic designs in construction. Download PDF of Relevant Experience
HP Historic Preservation As earthquake engineers, we embrace historic preservation projects because of their unique challenges and the significance to the community. Historic structures demand special care to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the building and make use of original materials, often weaker than those used today. That's our kind of project! Download PDF of Relevant Experience