Acute Health Care

We are passionate about health care because this market provides the kinds of technical challenges that stretches our minds and leads to innovation--and the buildings have a direct impact on people's ability to heal. These facilities really matter, and they matter to us. Much like a good doctor charged with treating a complex issue, we get into a healthcare organization and look at how the systems interact, how it operates, and what the patient experience is. As award-winning structural engineers for technically complex, state-of-the-art facilities, we have more than 25 project managers experienced in the complex demands and evolving technologies driving health care facilities and design today. Our principals are extremely familiar with SB 1953 and OSHPD guidelines and have completed SB 1953 evaluations for 102 hospitals, 560 buildings—totaling 30 million square feet. And that's just California! We also advise clients on nonstructural seismic bracing and anchorage for new and existing equipment used for diagnostic and treatment purposes, as well as the mechanical and electrical building systems.