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Department of Veterans Affairs, Seattle Mental Health Facility and Parking Garage

To provide excellent patient care to the mind as well as the body of our veterans, the VA envisioned a new mental health and research building with a new 1,000 car parking structure to serve their Seattle campus. Degenkolb designed the new 230,000 sf building with a high-performing buckling restrained braced frame system to promote seismic resiliency. To accommodate the flow of traffic on campus without encroaching on facility space, a portion of the parking structure will be subterranean while the aboveground portion is narrow and tall. The project team worked together to come up with a phasing plan that successfully delivers these sophisticated facilities and improvements within a constrained site. LEED® Gold certification is targeted.


  • New parking structure
  • BRB frame system
  • LEED Gold targeting
  • Mental health treatment
  • Structural System: structural steel frame with buckling restrained braced frames (MHR), reinforced concrete (Parking Structure)
  • Service: New Design


  • Mission critical performance to allow for “off the grid” operation for 4+ days
  • Blast-resistant design
  • Solar panels (Parking Structure)
  • Green Roof (MHR)

Rendering courtesy of Stantec

Project Stats
Client Department of Veterans Affairs, Stantec Architecture,
Square Footage 230,000
Construction Cost $110 million ($110m for MHR, $50m for Parking Garage)
Completion Date 2018 (MHR), 2016 (Parking Structure)
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