Loma Linda University, Medical Center, Central Plant SPC4D/NPC-4 Upgrades

Loma Linda University, Medical Center, Central Plant SPC4D/NPC-5 4 Upgrades

Degenkolb was prime consultant for the SPC4D / NPC4 seismic upgrade of the 1964 steam plant serving the entire Loma Linda Medical Center and Loma Linda University. Through analysis and investigation, we were able to eliminate the soil improvement identified in the geotechnical report and focus the strengthening in areas of minimal impact at the perimeter of the plant. The work included planning and integration of NPC bracing for the equipment and distribution lines while the facility was in operation. This included distribution through the tunnel system from the plant to the hospital. In addition, multiple critical pieces of equipment were upgraded during the construction process.  As prime consultant our work covered coordination with multiple agencies including the SoCal Edison, City of Loma Linda and the Air Quality District, which regulated specific aspects of work in the central plant.


  • Ancillary buildings in support of OSHPD hospital
  • SPC4D upgrade
  • Degenkolb as prime consultant
  • First SPC4D project approved for construction in the State of California 


  • Maintained infrastructure operations during upgrade
  • Improved daily operation performance via critical equipment upgrades while also improving the expected performance after a seismic event
  • NPC4 upgrade integrated with structural upgrade


Project Stats
Client Loma Linda University,
Square Footage 13,500
Completion Date December 2018
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