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Highland Hospital, Acute Tower Replacement

Designed a 315,000 square foot, nine-story, 169-bed acute care tower (ACT). The project also included the design of an 80,000 square foot satellite building (SAT), with a 175-space underground parking garage. A two-story “link” building serves as the hospital’s main entrance and completes the connecting corridor between ACT and SAT. The central utility plant was built within the basement level of the ACT as a cost-saving solution. Degenkolb also designed the excavation shoring, temporary building support, and historic building monitoring to complement our basic structural design services.


  • Inpatient care, including hospital patient rooms, intensive care, a birthing center, a neonatal intensive care unit, a lab, and occupational, physical and respiratory therapy facilities
  • Twenty-four soundproof intensive care unit waiting rooms with preprogrammed classical, jazz or nature music from the beds
  • Radiology and imaging services with new equipment, including a 1.5 minute head scan, not like the current 60 minutes


  • Single rooms with scenic views of Oakland
  • Quiet environment: floors and materials selected to reduce noise
  • Two family waiting rooms, including a consultation room off the larger one
  • New equipment reducing treatment times

Photos courtesy of SmithGroupJJR

Project Stats
Client SmithGroup,
Square Footage 315,000
Construction Cost $668 million
Completion Date 2017
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