a stadium under construction with multiple cranes

SoFi Stadium, Steel Erection Services, Inglewood, California

This state-of-the-art stadium is now serving one of the largest metropolitan areas within the United States. Partnered with Hassett Engineering, Inc., Degenkolb provided steel erection engineering services for Schuff Steel Company to support the construction of the stadium’s iconic roof shell. Our services included the design of a unique approach to lock each of the 30+ base isolators, design of braced pedestals to allow for on-site assembly of roof modules, and sequenced analysis of each stage of roof construction.  Our team also worked with the General Contractor Turner-Hunt JV to provide miscellaneous Construction Engineering services including erection analysis for out-of-sequence steel installation, delegated design for deferred submittal items, and path-of-travel and rigging analysis for installation of escalators.

Project Stats
Client Schuff Steel Company,
Square Footage 3.1M
Construction Cost $5B
Completion Date 2020
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