a building with a courtyard

University of California, Davis, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

Degenkolb peer reviewed a one-story 32,000 square foot art museum building with an extremely complex curving geometry.  The building features a roof canopy with 952 perforated aluminum beams. The canopy’s crosshatched design filters and softens the site’s harsh sunlight.  The design incorporates outside spaces, interior courtyards, and interior spaces into one work of art itself.  The building included sustainable design with recycled materials, water-saving features, and advanced lighting controls. The museum offers multiple gallery spaces, classrooms, art studios, and public spaces.


  • A collaborative approach to the design review was taken by Degenkolb and the SEOR. Meetings replaced back and forth comment logs.  This opened communication and resolved nearly all issues with little issue and was completed in an expedited time frame.
  • With such a complex building a team approach to completing the job was necessary for success.
Project Stats
Client University of California,
Square Footage 32,000
Construction Cost $23 million
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