Red Hook Brewery

Redhook Brewery faced an interesting problem when looking for a space for their new brewery and pub, Redhook Brewlab. How do you fit a rotating-batch brewery and kitchen into a building that wasn’t designed for it?

Space constraints and the capacity of the existing floor structure led to the 16-tap keg storage being located away from the taps at the bars. Working with Graham Baba Architects, Degenkolb designed an exposed pipe bridge to carry the beer lines and a cooling system across the main bar floor. This pipe bridge takes advantage of the steel visible elsewhere in the space and avoids impacts to the existing feature ceiling. Degenkolb also assisted Graham Baba with the design of many of the exposed steel architectural elements. A repurposed brewing tank at the Pike entrance serves as signage and an anchor for one of the two outdoor patio spaces. Degenkolb designed supports to match the existing tank while minimizing the impact on the existing patio slab.

Project Stats
Client Graham Baba Architects,
Completion Date 2017
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