Chapultepc Housing, SDSU

San Diego State University, Housing, Feasibility Study Renewal/Refresh

Degenkolb developed a comprehensive program for the renovations of over 500,000 square feet of existing university housing facilities as part of a team of consultants. The project included studying the existing conditions for 11 facilities: Zura Hall, Tenochca, Maya, Olmeca, Chapultepec, Tacuba, Cuicacalli, Tula, University Towers, Teypac, and the Villa Alvarado buildings. The program included determining what code upgrades would be needed as well as exploring design options to improve the use of the buildings. Seismic evaluations with 3D modeling was performed on Zura Hall, Tenochca Hall, Tula Hall, and Chapultepec.


  • Multiple University Housing Facilities
  • The programming report along with concept modifications sketches were used to provide a rough order of magnitude cost estimate for the projects.
  • Seismic Evaluations
  • Condition Assessment


  • Working on multiple housing facilities at once ensured that once the projects were done each building would be cohesive together.
  • Providing a rough draft of the cost helped the University gauge how much to invest and how to implement the future renovations.
Project Stats
Client Cody Anderson Wasney Architects,
Completion Date 2015
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