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Walt Disney Museum, Seismic Strengthening

Degenkolb Engineers, along with prime consultant, Page & Turnbull, had the challenging task of maintaining the historic integrity of the exterior of a 110-year-old unreinforced masonry barracks building while completely transforming the interior. Provided the concrete and steel seismic retrofit, strengthened the floors, and designed bracing and anchorage of all of the exhibits within the museum. To increase space in the museum, the project team altered the building from C-shaped to rectangular-shaped and excavated some 30 feet to add a full sub-basement and auditorium underneath 60 percent of the building. Also strengthened an adjacent historic gymnasium into office and storage space.


  • Added Sub-basement and auditorium
  • Added new infill in the interior of the U-shaped building for more exhibit space.


  • Seismically strengthening this historic structure ensures that the building will continue to be a part of the community for decades to come.
  • Changing the shape of the building provided extra space for more exhibits that visiting guests could enjoy.


Photo Credit: Page & Turnbull

Project Stats
Client Walt Disney Family Foundation,
Square Footage 75,000 sf
Construction Cost $110M
Completion Date 2013
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