Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Tsunami Evacuation Tower, Tokeland, Washington

Degenkolb recently completed design for a tsunami evacuation tower located in Tokeland, Washington. The Tokeland community is susceptible to tsunamis induced by earthquakes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The structural design had to resist both liquefaction-induced settlement and 5-10 feet of lateral soil movement caused by a 2,500-year earthquake event. Tsunami-resistant design features include pile foundations, concrete-filled steel columns, and an open lower level to reduce the chance of debris impact. Starting in 2018, Degenkolb assisted the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe with the conceptual design for the tower and helped the Tribe obtain $2.2m in FEMA grant funding. The 400-person tower was completed in 2022.

Client Shoalwater Bay Tribe,
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