Degenkolb is the prime consultant and structural engineer for the retrofit at this school, part of the OSPI school seismic safety retrofit grant projects. Our work at Boistfort includes a seismic retrofit of the gymnasium and cafeteria.

Degenkolb Engineers provided conceptual design, detailed nonlinear analysis and construction documents for two base isolated platforms for a new biotechnology fill-finish line located within an existing facility.

In less than 10 months, both the design and construction of the facility were complete.

Nonstructural Seismic Bracing Design and Critical Contents Protection

Upgrading the seismic bracing of existing systems and equipment is a consequential chore in the upgrade of any critical existing facility.  The work is complex and detail-oriented as omission or failure of any single brace or anchor could result in disruption to post-earthquake facility operations.  This is especially true when the building must remain operational while the seismic upgrade is performed.  Our approach is to reasonably minimize the bracing that must be performed, while ensuring that every critical system is protected.