Boistfort School Seismic Retrofit

Degenkolb is the prime consultant and structural engineer for the retrofit of this school, part of the State of Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) school seismic safety retrofit grant program. Our work at Boistfort included a seismic retrofit of the gymnasium and cafeteria. We worked in partnership with OSPI to define the performance objective and review the process for the two-phase grant funding approach.

Through careful attention to constructability during design, the construction bids came in significantly below the initial cost estimate. Construction was completed with minimal surprises and a low number of RFIs, keeping the project on budget and on schedule. The building serves not only the Boistfort School, but also other schools in the area that lack gyms. It also serves as a community center for the area. As prime consultant, Degenkolb collaborated with the school and the contractor to phase the retrofit design, minimizing the duration of disruption in the parts of the building deemed most critical to the community: the kitchen and the cafeteria.

Project Stats
Client Boistfort School District,
Construction Cost $1,729,000
Completion Date 1/18/2023
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