Team 1 sends their final pictures

Partial collapse of a furniture store – non-ductile concrete frame


Close up of corner column showing small bar diameters and inadequate tie reinforcement.


Close up of expansion anchor pull-out failure at exterior glazing system.


Exterior glazing wall failure. Frame was distorted and anchors at the slab failed.


Close up of steel moment frame connection. Only minor non-structural damage observed.


Typical exterior plaster and masonry infill wall failure at a mall structure. Note that the steel bridge structure is in addition.


Failure of rigid steel bridge connection to the parking structure. Note that the connections did not allow for displacements between the two structures.


Failure of metal stud framed exterior walls. Note also the exposed steel braced frame retrofit.


Close up of typical column retrofit techniques in Mexico City. Intent is to provide some confinement to the column via the use of vertical angles at each column corner and horizontal steel lattice plates between the angles.


Team 1 leader, Wayne Low, conversing with a local.