Coronavirus FAQ

Degenkolb Engineers has adopted policies and procedures that reflect our values of service, respect, and integrity with an understanding of the unprecedented situation posed by the coronavirus to society and business operations. Our employees have embraced vaccination where able, with a greater than 90% adoption. We continue to monitor and comply with all federal, state, and local ordinances regarding the pandemic.

If you have questions about our work strategies and procedures, please inquire of your Degenkolb contact.

Meeting client requirements for vaccination and testing: Degenkolb is working closely with all staff to meet client requirements regarding vaccinations, testing, and on-site work. Internally we are assigning a project manager for each client, who is responsible for understanding the requirements and proactively communicating those requirements to staff while reviewing staffing needs to ensure compliance.

Vaccination requirement for visiting a Degenkolb office: If you are a non-employee visitor to a Degenkolb office, we require proof of being fully vaccinated. Please show your digital or paper vaccine card to the Degenkolb host of the meeting; this can be done via email in advance of the meeting [recommended] or in-person as you enter the office. If you are unvaccinated or have not completed your course of vaccination, we ask that you meet with us remotely.

Vaccination requirement for employees working in a Degenkolb office: If you are an employee who wishes to work in an office, we require proof of vaccination be provided to corporate counsel. Information on how to provide proof of vaccination is available on our internal Coronavirus page.

Vaccination requirement for remote working employees: You do not currently need to be vaccinated to work remotely; however, you may be required by law or a client’s requirements to be fully vaccinated to work at their facility. For employees who are fully vaccinated and wish to be considered the same by the firm, please provide proof of your vaccination status to the firm’s corporate counsel. Information on how to provide proof of vaccination is available on our internal Coronavirus page.

Masking optional in the office: Employees and visitors that have provided proof of being fully vaccinated per our policies, are not required to wear a mask/face covering while in a Degenkolb office.  This procedure may be affected by governmental ordinances. In all instances, persons desiring to wear a face covering may do so.

Masking in building common entrances and amenities of our buildings: Degenkolb operates offices in many metropolitan areas of the Western United States.  These office buildings are currently requiring masking of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in all common spaces such as building lobbies, bathrooms, and elevators.

New hires: Newly hired individuals will be given the opportunity to provide proof of vaccination status in accordance with the above procedures.

A note about our post-pandemic future: Degenkolb Engineers has been fortunate to be able to operate productively and efficiently throughout the challenges of the pandemic with a primarily remote workforce. We continue to be flexible and pivot as conditions change. We anticipate a post-pandemic future with a hybrid workforce, where employees both work in-office and remotely; one where each employee finds a model that serves their professional and personal needs while continuing to serve our clients, partners, and coworkers.