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Degenkolb Engineers’ Seismic Engineering Veteran to Lead Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commi
November 8, 2011PORTLAND, Ore.Degenkolb Engineers Principal Kent Yu starts his two-year term as Chair of the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Committee (OSSPAC) this month. In this role, Dr. Yu leads disaster recovery and preparedness planning in the state of Oregon for OSSPAC.OSSPAC promotes earthquake awareness and preparedness through education, research and legislation at the federal, state and local levels. The organization consists of an 18-member commission, representing the fields of engineering, transportation, education, housing and emergency response among other professions. Dr. Yu’s focus on resiliency, the ability of an earthquake-struck region to bounce back quickly, is especially timely given this week’s 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma, the devastating Tsunami in Japan this March and the October earthquake in Van, Turkey.Read full article here.
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Posted by lanachan on November 14, 2011 1:22 PM
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