telescoping lift at a construction site

Pier 70 – Building 12 Lift, Construction Engineering Services, San Francisco, CA

Degenkolb provided Construction Engineering services in support of raising the existing Building 12 at Pier 70 in San Francisco. Building 12 is a historic ship building facility that was used for World War II, and later for the construction of BART’s Transbay Tube.  The building was a 2-story steel-frame building with a tall first floor for ship building and a modest 2nd floor for ship designers.  Buildings 12 was raised approximately 10-feet to conform to new surrounding street grades and provide a new lower parking level. Degenkolb’s scope included the stabilization and protection of the existing building during the lift and until the permanent structure was complete.  Over a mile of 1” steel cable was used to provide temporary bracing that avoided welding or other attachment methods that would damage the historic fabric of the building.  Degenkolb worked closely with Plant Construction, Biggie Crane, Brookfield Properties, and the entire design team to help accomplish this monumental task.

Client Plant Construction,
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