The tsunami-ready program leverages the recently-published national standard ASCE 7-16, which includes provisions for tsunami loads and effects on building structures, by developing an evaluation criteria to screen and evaluate buildings which may be viable for tsunami vertical evacuation.

The project utilized a grassroots process to develop vertical evacuation strategies for several communities in both Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

Performance-based design methodologies were implemented to ensure that the structure would be able to resist a Cascadia earthquake while having sufficient capacity to resist subsequent tsunami inundation forces.

Sustainable Design Services

Green building design requires a reexamination of the entire design, construction and operation of a building in order to optimize each step of its life cycle.  This evaluation demands an integrated team process where the client, architect, engineers, constructors, and building operators work in concert so that each decision is made with the whole building considered as a system. The results of these efforts are not only a sustainable building whose efficiency extends beyond its design into its operation, but also a better coordinated design process which fosters a collaborative construction process.