When a roof collapses, the cause of the collapse should be investigated. Degenkolb’s forensic engineers are able to provide this service. In this case, the cause of the very large hole in the roof of this commercial building was a bit unexpected.

Originally built in 1939, the wood-framed two-story structure over a concrete partial basement is the only remaining building from the original Kentfield campus.

The loss of the library was a devastating blow to Apple Valley, which depends on the library for community benefits, such as job training and youth education. 

By leveraging Degenkolb’s skillset for project management, team coordination, forensic engineering, technical development, insurance justification, document production and site support, the owner can supplement their own response with a highly skilled claims management team.

The scope of Degenkolb services on 447 Minna is illustrative of our Claims Management capabilities, where the delivery of engineering and team leadership is closely aligned with the needs of insurance coverage.

Forensic Engineering and Structural Condition Assessment

Degenkolb’s extensive experience with existing buildings means we are often called in as experts to investigate potential causes of damage and distress present in buildings. For life-threatening or emergency situations, engineers have worked around the clock to determine the cause of a failure and design practical and safe repairs to keep clients’ facilities in operation.