Second Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Arrives in Istanbul

March 6, 2023 – Day 1, Team 2

The first day began with Team 1 (David, Jose, Kim, and Jerry) and Team 2 (Jen, Adam, Justin, and Anthony) meeting in Istanbul to discuss what Team 1 had viewed and strategies and recommendations for Team 2. Team 1 gave great advice on which cities to focus our efforts and where there was little damage to view. 

A few members of Team 2 arrived in Turkey early and were able to meet with Team 1

Both teams having some drinks after successfully meeting up in Istanbul

Both teams also met with members of Build Change to further our collaboration efforts in the aftermath of the Turkey earthquake. Degenkolb began our relationship with Build Change Haiti following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  Build Change focuses on providing training to local engineers and contractors to help retrofit and design new residential structures keeping in mind the materials and culture in the country.  We are hoping to collaborate with them again and provide technical expertise as they work to change policies regarding residential construction in Turkey. 

Learn more about Degenkolb’s reconnaissance trips to Turkey and stay tuned for more updates.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Construction Engineering Support, San Diego, CA

Pier 70 – Building 12 Lift, Construction Engineering Services, San Francisco, CA

Park Tower at Transbay