Interns Today; Engineers Tomorrow

Every year, Degenkolb’s five offices hire a handful of interns from colleges and universities throughout the Western US. This year, Degenkolb welcomed eight interns just in time for the annual Technical Conference where Degenkolb’s practicing engineers present on a wide variety of topics, you can read more about that in a previous post. These presentations gave an early insight to the types of projects the Interns would soon be starting.

Hands on Learning
Interns in San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego have worked more than 1500 hours on a variety of projects. Ranging from structural modeling, seismic design, OSHPD compliance, masonry and wood design, SPC4D requirements, equipment anchorage, material and geotechnical testing and records and so much more, the opportunity for continued education is infinite. Further learning opportunities also included a site visit to 447 Minna Street where Degenkolb is repairing fire damage.

Kate Cuddington, the recipient of the Cal Poly Degenkolb Scholarship, has reflected on her time at Degenkolb and her project experience, “at Cal Poly, I took a Seismic Rehabilitation class and learned how to apply ASCE 41-13, so using the code and retrofit approaches for a real life building has been very illuminating!” It is part of our culture of learning to immerse interns into projects for hands on learning.

Work-Life Balance
Throughout the five offices, interns are encouraged to join in on social activities. Los Angeles is known for their group lunches and fun conversation, while San Diego becomes competitive with a little shuffleboard. In the Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland combine forces for a weekly softball game working to take on other firms on the field. Blake Wyatt, an intern in the Los Angeles office, says “I have especially enjoyed our daily group lunches, the weekend hike for the wellness challenge, and the intern welcome happy hour!”

2017 Summer Interns
Degenkolb thanks our hardworking interns: in San Francisco, Joyce Fung and Rainbow Lin; in Oakland, Kate Cuddington and Ryan Worley; in Los Angeles, Blake Wyatt and Kevin Dang; in San Diego, Morgan Lyew and in Seattle, Andrew Young.

We wish our interns a great year back at school and look forward to welcoming several of them back in the years to come. Know a great engineering student interested in working at an award-winning firm? Check out our job opportunities page.