Degenkolb Seattle Promotes: An Interview

We recently caught up with Kyle and Josh to learn more about their experiences in engineering.


What have you learned throughout your career that has made the biggest impact on how you work on projects?

Josh – I’ve learned to take advantage of the resources of the people throughout Degenkolb. The willingness to share expertise is invaluable.

Kyle – Every building is different. I learned that serving people is more important than what goes into a building. It’s all about the people.


What do you see causing the biggest impacts on design and construction?

Kyle – The software industry is way ahead of where we are. It is beginning to trickle down by offering more automation or automated design.

Josh – Virtual reality! Having the opportunity to put yourself, your client, and the public directly into the building model allows for instant user feedback. It can show you conflicts and issues we aren’t catching right away now.

Kyle  – A major concern, especially in Seattle, is the lack of skilled labor in construction. The push for modularization in every market is driven by this.

Josh – Another concern is building codes. There is a growing recognition that codes don’t meet the public’s perception of how buildings will react in an earthquake. I see a focus from jurisdictions for stronger design requirements. The U.S. Resiliency Council’s Certification program, or something along those lines, will be asked for directly by the public, like LEED. We need to push beyond the current codes.


What would you like to explore in your careers?

Josh – Larger scale projects, taller buildings, and performance based design.

Kyle – Most of my career has been focused inward, building my skills. I’m excited to start focusing externally.


Finally, after all day calculating structural equations, what do you do to unwind?

Kyle – Less and less. When I have time, I enjoy the outdoors – hiking, camping, biking, and boating.*

Josh – I enjoy cheering on the Mariners by going to games and collecting player bobbleheads. My current collection totals 12. I’m looking forward to next month, they’re giving Felix Hernandez the Game of Thrones treatment.


* Editor’s note: We tend to let Kyle out into the great outdoors less and less unless he’s wrapped in bubble wrap. He tends to come back broken.