Topics at the 2018 Degenkolb Technical Conference

Keynote: Factors Influencing the Lateral Drift Capacity of Structural Walls with John Wallace

Session IA: Learning from Others

  • Experimental and Computational Investigation of Composite Beam Response to Fire: Amy Kordosky
  • Hot Topics: Concrete Placement for Hot Climates and Mass Concreting: Chris Hilson and Chad Closs
  • Cross-Laminated Timber: Hee Jae Yang, Dan Sloat, Matt Namy
  • An Overview of the ATC-123 Project and Future Code Implications: Sandy Hohener

Session IB: BIM

  • Connecting Our Models – Interoperability in Structural Workflows: Dave Martin
  • Resistance Is Futile – Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) in AEC: Michael Leung
  • Why am I sitting next to Auggie – a case study for a new designer learning Revit: Oscar Hernandez

Session IC: Non-Buildings

  • What Happens in the Elevator Shaft: Charlotte Wong, Chad Closs, Erik Moore
  • Whoa, is it windy up there! Wind Analysis and Retrofit Design of an Existing 100 ft tall Antenna Tower: Priscilla Nguyen
  • Canopies – Are they similar to buildings???: Alfred Tran, Dan Lavarnway
  • Seismic Analysis and Upgrade of A Pipeline, Japan: Erik McAdams, Jiun-Wei Lai
  • Peel Away the Skin: Xiaomi Mitsuhashi

Session IIA: Analysis

  • Queries and Databases for Engineers: Chris Davis, Erik Moore, Michael Chisholm
  • Seismic Evaluation of District Office Buildings Damaged during the 2016 Mei-Nong Earthquake using ASCE 41: Jiun-Wei Lai, Insung Kim, Garrett Hagen, Kirk Johnston, Daniel Zepeda
  • Linear vs. Nonlinear – Lessons from parallel analyses of a concrete shear wall building for UCSF Block 23A: Ariel Creagh, Kelly Dudek, Katie Boisseree

Session IIB: Construction Means and Methods Engineering / Forensics

  • Reinforcing Soil (A Talk about Soil Nails): Jenny Truong
  • Concrete Reshoring Primer: Robert Graff
  • Show me the money!: Brett Cates
  • South City Station – PT Slab Damage and Repair: Devon Lumbard, Laura Rice
  • Wood Damage: Holly Razzano, Laura Rice, Travis Chrupalo
  • Concrete Fire Damage and Repair: Devon Lumbard, Laura Rice
  • Anticipating the Start of Roof Erection: Tim Nelson

Session IIC: Miscellaneous Topics

  • UNESCAP FEMA P-58 Evaluation: Travis Chrupalo, Abe Lynn
  • Huntington – the Hospital, not the Beach: Laura Basualdo
  • The Rules May Be a Changing: Matt Barnard, Daniel Zepeda

Session IIIA: Evaluations

  • A Tale of 2 Structures – Evaluation of Huge Buildings: Dan Sloat, Josh Sizemore
  • BBQ, Kimchi, Soju, and More: Curtis Siegfried, Travis Chrupalo, Nick Skok
  • Proven Precast Performance: Elena Good, Gordy Wray

Session IIIB: Connections and Gaps

  • Bridging the Gap: Dave Miller
  • Redundancy Redundancy: David Williams
  • When Worlds Collide – Pounding Analysis Under OSHPD Jurisdiction: Taka Tamiya, Justin Tan
  • Making a Historic Connection: Yvonne Tsui, Insung Kim

Session IIIC: Project Management

  • A Day in the Life of a Prime Consultant: Christian Hall, Dan Lavarnway
  • Federal Markets 101 – Opportunities and Challenges: David Gonzalez
  • Change Management: Myron Curlee
  • Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks Too – Take-Away from the Senior Executive Institute Training: Matt Barnard, Holly Razzano


For further information on topics, please contact the Degenkolb Technical Conference organizer, Kirk Johnston at or 415.354.6408.