Meet our team

Since our founding, we've nurtured a company culture driven by our ideals of service and expertise. That culture is a result of the people that work here and their drive for excellence.
Abe Lynn
Associate Principal
I met the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas at age 8....
Alvaro Celestino
Associate Principal
I went into structural engineering because buildings are my passion....
Chad Closs
Associate Principal
I leaned toward an engineering degree where I could solve real world p...
Erica Hays
Associate Principal
I wanted to be an artist until I was 16, and then I switched my focus...
Garrett Hagen
Associate Principal
Project engineer in the Los Angeles office....
Jay Yin
Associate Principal
I immigrated to the United States from Taiwan when I was 13, and grew...
Jen Gross
Associate Principal
I played violin in my school orchestra from 4th-12th grade....
Kyle Steuck
Associate Principal
I got to ride my bike alongside Robin Williams for a short stretch....
Laura Basualdo
Associate Principal
I used to be a soccer referee....
Lucie Fougner
Associate Principal
When I was little I wanted to be an artist when I grew up....
Melissa Vickery
Associate Principal
I spent a year abroad in high school....
Steve Moore
Associate Principal
Truth is the property of no individual, but is the treasure of all men...