Meet our team

Since our founding, we've nurtured a company culture driven by our ideals of service and expertise. That culture is a result of the people that work here and their drive for excellence.
Ahmad Hassan
Design Engineer
Obsessed with problem solving, teaching, and (in the remaining time) ...
Alex Chu
Project Engineer
I can rarely talk about my projects, because most of my clients are ...
Aliana Sonza
I had my finger fully cut off in 2nd grade and the doctors put it ...
Amy Inhofer
Project Engineer
I’ve been to hundreds of concerts; live music and festivals are a ...
Andres Acosta
Born and raised in Ecuador in an area of high seismicity. The ...
Andrew McHale
Design Engineer
I can play guitar and drums - not at the same time of course, ...
Angel Zarate Peña
Before Degenkolb, I worked as a professor.
Anthony Ambrosio-Meir
Project Engineer
I played trumpet in the UCLA marching band during my freshman year of ...
Ariane Rosario
Design Engineer
The intersection of math and design, along with drawing production, ...
Benjamin Terry
What hobby would you go into if time and money weren't an issue?
Bianca Casem
Project Engineer
I come from a family of structural engineers, and they heavily ...
Candice Hanna
Design Engineer
I always knew I would end up in the AEC industry!