Meet our team

Since our founding, we've nurtured a company culture driven by our ideals of service and expertise. That culture is a result of the people that work here and their drive for excellence.
Andrew Scott
Practice Area Leader, Principal
I prefer to ride my bike to work – day or night, rain or shine....
Anuj Bansal
Group Director, Senior Principal
I had a life dream of being a cricket star before settling on the exci...
Cale Ash
Group Director, Principal
I have climbed three of the five volcanoes in Washington....
Daniel Zepeda
Principal, Working Group Leader
Daniel has worked at Degenkolb for more than 15 years....
Devon Lumbard
Office Director, Principal
I taught Statics and Concrete Design courses at Portland State Univers...
Holly Razzano
Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
One of my bucket list items is to do a triathlon....
Jim Malley
COO, Senior Principal
I am a third-generation San Franciscan and have never lived more than...
Jorn Halle
Group Director, Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
I had an ‘aha’ moment in a second year mechanics of materials clas...
Kirk Johnston
Group Director, Principal
A classic car and hotrod enthusiast, he enjoys spending time working o...
Laurie Johnston
Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
Both of my parents have large families (my Dad has 8 siblings and my M...
Laurie Lumish
Director of Marketing & Business Development
I have a metal plate in my left ankle and a tattoo on the right ankle....
Mark Berkowitz
Corporate Counsel
I once took 12 items through the 10-items-or-less grocery store lane....