Meet our team

Since our founding, we've nurtured a company culture driven by our ideals of service and expertise. That culture is a result of the people that work here and their drive for excellence.
Andrew Scott
Practice Area Leader, Principal
I prefer to ride my bike to work – day or night, rain or shine....
Anuj Bansal
Group Director, Senior Principal
I had a life dream of being a cricket star before settling on the exci...
Cale Ash
Group Director, Principal
I have climbed three of the five volcanoes in Washington....
Daniel Zepeda
Office Director, Principal, Working Group Leader
Daniel has worked at Degenkolb for more than 15 years....
Devon Lumbard
Office Director, Principal
I taught Statics and Concrete Design courses at Portland State Univers...
Holly Razzano
Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
One of my bucket list items is to do a triathlon....
Jim Malley
COO, Senior Principal
I am a third-generation San Franciscan and have never lived more than...
Jorn Halle
Group Director, Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
I had an ‘aha’ moment in a second year mechanics of materials clas...
Kirk Johnston
Group Director, Principal
A classic car and hotrod enthusiast, he enjoys spending time working o...
Laurie Johnston
Practice Area Leader, Senior Principal
Both of my parents have large families (my Dad has 8 siblings and my M...
Laurie Lumish
Director of Marketing & Business Development
I have a metal plate in my left ankle and a tattoo on the right ankle....
Mark Berkowitz
Corporate Counsel
I once took 12 items through the 10-items-or-less grocery store lane....