Meet our team

Since our founding, we've nurtured a company culture driven by our ideals of service and expertise. That culture is a result of the people that work here and their drive for excellence.
Aimee Nalle
Human Resources Director
I have a pet red-eared slider turtle with 3 1/2 legs. He used to have ...
Allison Acosta
Marketing Coordinator
I have dual citizenship for the United States and Canada. I was not ...
Cata Doughri
Office Manager
I have enjoyed learning about the fascinating world of structural ...
Colette Armstrong
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Deena Weiner Widran
Regional Business Development Director
I am a licensed Architect and worked in that capacity until 2009.
Giana Stanco
Marketing Coordinator
I enjoy writing poetry, producing music, hiking near the Pacific ...
Jennie Kenhard
Human Resources Director
Kenda Salisbury
Regional Business Development Director
I am a published poet.
Laurie Lumish
Director of Marketing & Business Development, Principal
I have a metal plate in my left ankle and a tattoo on the right ankle.
Lief Kaiper
Regional Business Development Director
During my college years in San Diego, I played in two original rock ...
Mark Berkowitz
Corporate Counsel, Principal
I once took 12 items through the 10-items-or-less grocery store lane.
Maury Ballif
CFO, Principal
My favorite candy is black licorice, Dutch salted black licorice ...