Behavioral Norms

Since our smooth operation and growth depends on us working under the same operating principles, we agree that the following norms will govern our behavior at Degenkolb.

1 In all situations, we will feel free to respectfully express our opinions openly, listen carefully, and have an honest discourse about our differences. We will proactively resolve all conflicts at the appropriate level, and, at that level, unanimously support implementation.
2 We will maintain our strong, supportive culture by encouraging everyone to achieve their best in a manner consistent with our core ideology. We will foster awareness, understanding, and development of our culture through effective two-way communication between all levels of the firm and locations.
3 We will hire the best and encourage them to achieve their best in a manner consistent with our core ideology.
4 We will share our problems and issues. We will share technical and business concerns firm-wide. We will solicit input and collaborate in finding answers.
5 We commit to being experts in engineering areas, and achieving excellence in non-engineering areas through proper education, continous improvements, innovation, risk taking, learning from our mistakes, and a shared responsibility for all aspects of the business.
6 We commit to being a profitable firm that celebrates its successes, uses its personnel efficiently, spends its money effectively, and shares its opportunities and resources firm-wide.
7 We will be client-centered by assessing, anticipating, and meeting the expectations of our clients, and soliciting from them suggestions for adapting our practice to their needs.