Mission Statement:

“To foster an environment that attracts the best talent, values and recognizes diversity, and enables all employees of Degenkolb to contribute and thrive while experiencing a culture of inclusion and belonging.”

DEI Council Goals

  1. Diversity. Achieve and sustain a workforce composed of qualified people who represent the diverse populations that contribute to the advancement of Degenkolb and the industry at large.
  2. Equity. Ensure that everyone has support and access to the resources needed to be successful. Identify and remove barriers that have historically prevented participation by underrepresented groups.
  3. Inclusion. Achieve and maintain a professional, ethical, tolerant, and respectful work environment in which everyone can feel welcome and contribute to Degenkolb’s Purpose according to their talents.

To address these goals, the Council will research and recommend ways to promote inclusive behaviors and take meaningful action to combat and overcome the historically negative impacts on underrepresented populations in the workplace.


DEI Council Subgroups

With these goals in mind, the following Subgroups were formed within the DEI Council: