Maury  Ballif Chief Financial Officer

Office San Francisco

Direct Email

Joined the Firm:

Little Known Fact:
My favorite candy is black licorice, Dutch salted black licorice especially.

Client or Business Philosophy:
Open Communication. The more you listen, the more you know.

Patience, and a willingness to listen.

Talking about sports. I apologize in advance for talking your ear off about some sports topic you have no interest in.

Special Interests:
I love travelling with my family. We have taken many fun adventures together all around the world.

Successful Project Story:
I was tasked with overseeing and facilitating the training of over 800 Project Managers for a new accounting system. I had to recruit and develop a team that had team leads in seven geographic areas. We established standard training practices and courses and had to execute the training over a four-week period utilizing over 40 trainers. We were able to train over 98% of the project managers within the timeframe established by Executive Management. There were no significant delays in billings or collections following the system transition so it was a success!

My goal for this position is to help Degenkolb be as efficient as possible with its financial resources.

Special Interest:
I love to participate as a coach in my children’s sports activities. I coach baseball, basketball, soccer and flag football. I also enjoy travelling with my wife and four kids.


University of Utah, MBA

Brigham Young University, BS Business Management