Paul Degenkolb Director of Information Management

Office San Francisco

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Paul Degenkolb has spent a year doing field investigations and programming for Degenkolb Engineers, then worked for the Naval Air Rework Facility at Alameda as an Aeronautical Engineer (Airframes). While there he was part of team that developed the Analytical Maintenance Program for the P-3 Orion. Anyone who knows Paul, knows he is a man with many talents. Paul did a variety of structural repairs and modifications to the P-3 Orion, EP-3E ARIES II and other derivative aircraft. When Alameda took over the EP-3E Conversion In Lieu Of Procurement program he was part of that program as an engineer, but also built the computer network that was used to keep all of the people working on that program tied together. When the Alameda Naval Base closed, he changed specialties to Computer Network Engineer, and did contract work. Ultimately, he was invited to join Degenkolb Engineers as the head of the newly defined Information Services department in 1997.

Joined the Firm:

Little Known Fact
Despite claims that I behave like an Atheist, I am an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

Client or Business Philosophy
If you can’t have fun at work, you are in the wrong business!

None that I know of.

Wine, Margaritas, Machine Tools, computers, anything that can get me into trouble.

Favorite Degenkolb Story
Many years ago, one of our field investigators, Florio Lara, was taking measurements on the “A-Frame” section of the regunning crane at Hunters Point.  The bottom of the “A-Frame” sits on the top of the old crane, about 200 feet above the ground, and was used for catching missiles that were test fired from the ground.  Florio was not comfortable with heights to begin with (at least not walking around on an open frame 200 feet above the ground) and found it much worse when, without warning, a missile was test fired and captures, causing the entire crane structure to sway violently. Florio was very upset with the ride.  I was jealous! Always expect the unexpected.

Special Interests
Mechanics, Computers, Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Music (listening)


BSME, University of California at Berkeley (1978)


California - Professional Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, M27216