My Degenkolb: Mike Braund
San Diego

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Life & Culture at Degenkolb

Why did you pick Degenkolb from other firms to work for? What's unique about Degenkolb? How would you describe the culture at Degenkolb?

Degenkolb thinks it is very important to continue learning as you gain experience. I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars and conferences to keep up with the latest research and codes. As well as supporting me to attend these types of events, we have many in-house technical seminars to learn from each other.

Your Career

How does Degenkolb support your career/career goals?

I chose Degenkolb for the ability to work with some of the industry leaders. I thought what better way to start off my career than learning from the engineers that have proven to be industry experts. I also saw Degenkolb as a company that encourages engineers to find their own expertise and provides every opportunity to pursue that specialty.

Your Passions

What are some of your passions (in and out of the office) and how does Degenkolb help support them? What do you do to stay engaged? What do you do for fun?

Living in San Diego allows me to enjoy the great weather we have year round. I enjoy spending time golfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, or just spending a day at the beach. All of these things are a short drive away and the ability to use the company cabins make it that much easier to plan vacations to do these type of things. I really enjoy the construction process, as I grew up with many contractors in my family including my father. Being an engineer just starts the process a little sooner and allows for a creative input that can really be of value to our clients. By looking at problems from all view points including the owners, contractors, and other design team members we can provide innovative solutions and possibly alternatives that meet the needs of everyone involved.

On the Job

Favorite story about working at Degenkolb

I have become involved with SEAOC's Existing Building committee and find this a good way to learn from others in the industry as well as bring my perspective. I think it is very important as a professional to stay involved with the latest research and try to better the industry by volunteering our time to these committees that bring a consensus to information we learn along the way.