My Degenkolb: Kamalpreet Kalsi
Project Engineer

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Life & Culture at Degenkolb

Why did you pick Degenkolb from other firms to work for? What’s unique about Degenkolb? How would you describe the culture at Degenkolb?

Coming from India and completing my Masters in less than a year, I had little time to research about the local structural engineering firms. Degenkolb’s reputation was introduced to me by the professors at UCLA. Going through the company profile it was clear in my mind that this was the place I want to work. Flexible working hours, diversity, exposure to all sorts of projects, in-house seminars, company cabins, collaboration and sharing of knowledge between different offices are few of the things that can be listed which make this a great place to work at. Involvement in professional activities is always encouraged by Degenkolb. The purpose statement of Degenkolb “Innovative structural engineering, while promoting earthquake-safe buildings worldwide” sums up the day to day activity of the engineers working here.

Your Career

How does Degenkolb support your career/career goals? Is there something different about Degenkolb when it comes to being a good match for your career and your career goals?

Degenkolb understands that it is learning new every day that keeps the engineers passionate about their job. Internal technical committees to paid membership for different professional activities; Degenkolb has always supported me to grow as an engineer in my profession. There would be very few other places which would give you the encouragement to pursue your passion as it exists at Degenkolb. I have rarely seen any rush or pressure to complete the task given to the engineers. This in turn, I believe, really helps engineers to innovate and bring more creativity in the final product.

Your Passions

What are some of your passions (in and out of the office) and how does Degenkolb help support them? What do you do to stay engaged? What do you do for fun?

Degenkolb for me started with telephonic interview, which lead to three face to face interviews. It was during that time I realized how much they value their employee and also the effort they put into making sure that they are selecting the right person. So one thing is sure, if you survive the interview stage you will be along working with people who are passionate about their work. There is no typical day at the office. There is always something new to learn everyday which makes waking up and working more worthwhile. Also having a flexible work schedule at Degenkolb helps you pursue your hobbies. Outside work I love to play cricket. Earlier used to play for Southern California Cricket League and recently started playing for college team. Oil painting and sketching is something I like to do in my free time.

On the Job

And now it’s been 3 years since I have been here at Degenkolb. These three years have been an incredible learning experience. My task’s ranged from working on hospital retrofit, construction administration and responding back to OSHPD comments. Currently working with the New Technology Group within the firm to encourage and expand the deployment of new and state-of-the-art engineering technology. With the New Technology group I get to work on more than ever exciting projects and travel to different places to attend conference/ workshops/seminars and meet other professionals.