My Degenkolb: Andrew Scott
San Francisco

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Life & Culture at Degenkolb

Why did you pick Degenkolb from other firms to work for? What's unique about Degenkolb? How would you describe the culture at Degenkolb?

The culture at Degenkolb is very purposeful and empowering, with a focus on each individual as the key to the success of the whole. There is also a strong sense of community within the firm, enabling the development of strong professional and personal relationships with other employees, colleagues, and the community. The best thing about being an engineer at Degenkolb is the continuous opportunity for growth. Not only the classical growth of technical skills and expertise, but also the growth of personal and professional skills, resulting in a well-rounded sense of confidence and ability.

Your Career

How does Degenkolb support your career/career goals?

Degenkolb provides the mentorship, infrastructure, and project exposure to explore a wide variety of project types, client types, and career directions. The long history of the firm and the broad base of expertise lends itself well to establishing a focused career aligned with personal interests and expectations. As a member of the local community, I believe it is important to participate in the activities and organizations that bridge corporate resources with much-needed community programs. I personally participate in a number of youth and art based organizations: as a Board member for 'Leap… imagination in learning', a team member for the annual Leap Sandcastle Classic, a mentor in the ACE Mentorship program, and an instructor in the Engineers’ Alliance for the Arts ‘Three Brick Bridge' Project. These programs are critical to engaging our youth in direction-oriented education, in building self-confidence, and in providing exposure to engineering disciplines.

Your Passions

What are some of your passions (in and out of the office) and how does Degenkolb help support them? What do you do to stay engaged? What do you do for fun?

Degenkolb provides the personal freedom to explore my own interests within the natural ebb and flow of my workload. There is a strong sense of work-life balance that is engrained in the culture and accommodated by the firm structure. I personally enjoy surfing in the mornings before work, occasionally arriving to work later than a 'standard' start time, or extending a weekend to chase a swell along the coast. Through the use of flexible hours and results-oriented progress, I am able to balance a very rewarding professional career with a very invigorating personal pursuit. I stay engaged in Degenkolb and the profession by taking an active role in the decisions and development of the firm, the staff, and my own career. By staying closely connected to many aspects of our operations, I look for ways to make positive impacts and to carry on the traditions of our firm. This brings me a great sense of personal investment in the firm, which I find personally rewarding and engaging.

On the Job

Favorite story about working at Degenkolb

My most memorable moments are those that have demonstrated my growth as a person and a professional. One such instance occurred on a job walk for a very complicated project, where I was able to 'take the reins' of an important client meeting and represent our work in a confident, concise, and effective manner that was very well received by the sophisticated audience. My success was not based on any specific preparation, but rather on my growth and confidence as a professional within the normal course of my career. I left that meeting with a great feeling of accomplishment and a strong satisfaction in my career direction.