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Retrofit of Large Diameter Pipes Mitigates Landslide Hazard

Partnering for a Solution
In 2012, Degenkolb partnered with the Santa Clara Valley Water District and Carrollo Engineers to develop a seismic retrofit solution for a large diameter pipeline located in a landslide area. Since 1983, the pipelines started experiencing failures. Located nearly a mile and half from the Hayward fault, they were required to withstand a total movement of 9.4-ft over a 50-year design life.

Implementing a new capability of the firm, Degenkolb project manager and Senior Associate, Mahmoud Hachem, led a team in a finite element analysis using ABAQUS software to achieve a retrofit design solution with high accuracy and reliability.

Seismic Resisting Pipes
Analysis, combined with full scale testing, resulted in a retrofit solution using seismic resisting pipes and special collar joints that dissipates the landslide deformation demands, without affecting pipe integrity. The pipes, the largest Japanese-made Kubota pipes used in the US to date, have a diameter up to 6-ft in some areas. The project will replace approximately 700 feet of the existing South Bay Aqueduct (SBA), Penitencia Delivery Main (PDM), and Penitencia Force Main (PFM) pipelines. Currently under construction, the project is scheduled to be completed in July 2017.

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