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Post Turkey Earthquake - Day 3: Industrial Facilities and the Port
Day 3: Industrial Facilities and the PortRafael and I wanted to observe the performance of the industrial facilities and ports. With the exception of the sugar plant near Ercis, all of the industrial facilities, including the port, were near the city of Van. We were pleasantly surprised to see very little damage, if any, at these facilities despite the purported ground shaking.Photo #1: Ferry Pier at the City of Van. Damage at the concpier, founded on piles, included a transverse about 1/3 from the free end (far left) of the pier and a transverse crack at the beginning of the pier (far right).Photo #2: Lateral spreading near the City of Van pier (background) ranging from 2.5cm to 5 cm (1" to 2"). Sand boils were also observed near the site. Photo 3: Flour plant in the City of Van. Damage appeared to be isolated to the low metal deck roof pulling away from the structure resulting in local collapse. Photo 4: Two grain bins in the City of Van that collapsed and were moved to this location. After speaking to the owner of the bins, we understood that these were the only two full bins while the other bins were only partially full. We noted that the cross bracing of the legs did not continue down to the base. The cause of the collapse appears to be the buckling of the legs. Photo 5: A ready mix plant near the city of Van with a collapsed tank (laying flat in the foreground). Photo 6: The legs of the collapsed bin lay detached from the fallen tank. It appears that the legs have buckled. Photo 7: The concrete base that supported the collapsed tank. Works were repairing the damaged base when we arrived.Photo 8: Van Cimento (Van Cement) plant. The plant was currently under expansion. The plant suffered no visible damage. Photo 9: A connecting walkway bridge at a sugar plant near the city of Ercis. The plant suffered little damage and was being used for emergency operations and food distribution. The building on the left has some visible slight pounding damage from the walkway bridge.
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Posted by noblestudios on November 3, 2011 11:12 AM
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