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MTPTC Training Materials

The following materials were originally developed by Degenkolb Engineers and Build Change for a two-week training seminar of MTPTC engineers in Port Au Prince, Haiti, ion March and April, 2011. Since that time the materials have been further developed and expanded into the current set of manuals, details, and training materials. A combined effort of over 1000 pro bono and volunteer hours to date were invested into creating this manual. Build Change and Degenkolb are participating in an MTPTC led working group to help develop an official evaluation and retrofit guideline. We anticipate that much of this content will be included in that publication in some form. The manual is based on the two US performance-based engineering standards, ASCE-31 Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings, and ASCE-41 Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings. These materials are undergoing continuous development and improvement, we expect to update this page periodically and we welcome any review and comment.

1. Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Manual (15.5mb) - English/French
2. Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Companion (7.7mb) - English/ French
3. Deficiency Identification Checklist – Single Story Lightweight Roof (20kb) - English/ French
4. Deficiency Identification Checklist – Haitian Masonry Construction (71kb) - English/French
5. Retrofit Details (10.5mb) - English/French
6. Calculation Worksheet (140kb) -English/French
7. Presentation (7mb) - English/French
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