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Degenkolb Uses Strategic Sequencing to Insert a Mat Slab Under an Existing Building

In order to support the Presidio Knolls School’s plan to transform an adjacent church building into a new gymnasium, Plant Construction Company retained us to provide Construction Means and Methods Engineering services. We devised a method to install a completely new foundation beneath the existing church with minimal cost and schedule impacts. The foundation, a full-building-footprint concrete mat, also serves as the future gymnasium floor and needed to be placed under optimal conditions for long-term durability and flatness.

We worked closely with Harrell Kane SE, the school’s structural engineer-of-record on the project, to design and detail underpinning-style piers, located beneath the bottom of the future mat slab, and to allow for early-install of Harrell Kane’s new steel portal frames. We then developed additional details to temporarily “hang” the existing church structure on the new steel framing, allowing for Plant Construction to demolish the bottoms of the existing perimeter bearing walls and insert the new mat slab beneath. This allowed the new foundation to be poured in a single mobilization, saving significant time and giving the contractor the best opportunity for a successful pour.

This project underscores how our team-oriented approach and our ability to successfully interface with the general contractor and other design consultants can lead to creative solutions that add value to a complicated project.

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Posted by tinabarni on June 3, 2015 3:24 PM
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