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Build Change Haiti - Day Five
Build Change Haiti - Day FiveThis has been a great week and a great experience. The people at Build Change are awesome. They have a culture of learning, caring, and a desire to keep improving Haiti through people. This morning I was invited to the weekly Friday morning prayer group. There are a number of people who arrive around 6:30 and spend an hour together reading scripture and praying prior to starting work. It was great to be invited and be among friends after having been here only five days. I feel like I have known most of these people much longer. Today the person with the keys to unlock the building early got sick, so we met in the parking lot on some masonry blocks. We were blessed with very cool weather and some nice shade. Tamika, a Build Change Project Coordinator, and I visited the United Nations Operations (UNOPS) today. Mark Sinclair from our NTG group previously visited UNOPS in April/May and provided some early information in regard to the evaluations and retrofit manuals to the 60 engineers there. Since that time there has been tremendous development in the manuals, so we are providing a follow up training course. The focus was to provide and educate these engineers on all of the information and documentation that Degenkolb and Build Change have created in the past months. This group had some engineering background and there was a lot of good discussion. I really appreciated all of Tamika's hard work in translating for me. We worked through two 3-hour sessions with only a 30-minute break in the middle. It is a good thing we both brought some snacks and some water, since we didn’t have time to go get lunch. Tamika has now translated this information three times this week since the regular Build Change translator was out this week. Soon she will be able to give the training course on her own after working so hard to help me! Tonight I have been invited to go out to dinner with some of my new friends, since it is my last night here. At dinner there will be a person from the USA, Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti, France, and maybe England. That is pretty impressive. Tomorrow I will be flying to the Dominican Republic to meet up with my Engineering Ministries International team. There we will be developing a retreat camp for a local church. See the following link for additional information.
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Posted by noblestudios on September 23, 2011 5:01 PM
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