Thermo Fisher, Tier 1 Evaluations and Seismic Risk Studies

Performed Tier 1 seismic evaluations in accordance with ASCE 41-13 for multiple buildings located in San Jose and Sunnyvale.  Developed seismic strengthening recommendations for both Life Safety and Immediate Occupancy performance objectives.  In addition, performed a seismic risk study to determine expected damage as a percentage of replacement cost, expected downtime and probability of red tag for multiple earthquake scenarios.  The seismic risk studies were used to evaluate the return on investment of performing structural seismic upgrades considering direct financial losses due to damage as well as lossess due to business interruption.  The risk studies considered both life safety and immediate occupancy upgrades when quantifying damage and downtime.

Project Stats

Client Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Square Footage 350,000 sq/ft
Completion Date December 2016
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