Science & Technology

We're earthquake engineers. We like to make a difference in the world, and we love a challenge! We design and seismically strengthen buildings where Nobel-prize-winning researchers change the course of medical history and where technology companies change the course of business. Like our clients, we understand the demands of creating the next new technology, and have pioneered the use of innovative technologies: steel shear walls, eccentric braced frames, top-down basement construction using slurry walls, ConX systems, advanced displacement based analysis, fiber wrapped concrete columns, bucking restrained braces, and passive damper walls to name a few. If the opportunities to innovate weren't enough to excite us, these types of projects challenge us to do our best work fast and without disruption to operations. We maintain an acute focus on all the details including: electrical power, HVAC data lines, preserving life-safety systems, and vibration issues. We understand that technology and research methods are constantly changing, and we design change-responsive research and development facilities that promote life safety, enhance energy performance, and meet or exceed regulatory requirements.