UC Davis, Olson Hall
Davis, CA
Photos courtesy of The Boldt Group

Degenkolb retrofitted this 1962 3-story classroom building which had previously been determined to be “very poor” under the UC Seismic policy.   A large portion of the structure utilized precast elements in conjunction with cast in place concrete elements.  This use of precast elements and less than robust connections created several deficiencies that needed correction.  An ASCE-41 analysis and retrofit design was developed by Degenkolb and permitted in just 6 weeks.  The retrofit used carbon fiber (FRP) extensively to both strengthen elements and to introduce seismic collector elements.  Per the University’s request the building was to be occupied Monday – Friday during construction.  The FRP allowed installation of the retrofit over the weekend and re-occupancy of the spaces in a short period of time.

Client The Boldt Group/Stafford King Wiese Square Footage 56,000 Construction Cost $1,700,000 Completion Date 2015 Project Manager Robert Graff Project Office San Francisco