Veteran Affairs, Seattle
Seattle, WA
Renderings courtesy of Stantec

To provide excellent patient care to the mind as well as the body of our veterans, the VA envisioned a new mental health and research building with a new parking structure to serve their Seattle campus. As part of their commitment to seismic safety, they also commissioned a structural and non-structural seismic upgrade of the two existing hospital patient bed towers and the adjacent community living center (CLC). These facilities are critical in providing advanced healthcare for veterans and helping reintegrate them into their communities

For the existing building, minimizing disruption to occupants was a primary concern. Designing to the Immediate Occupancy performance level, Degenkolb’s structural upgrade solution reduced scope and construction cost. The non-structural upgrade utilized laser scanning technology to develop as-built conditions of the building systems.

Degenkolb also designed the new building with a high-performing buckling restrained braced frame system to  promote seismic resiliency. To accommodate the flow of traffic on campus without encroaching on facility space, a portion of the parking structure will be subterranean while the aboveground portion is narrow and tall.

Client Stantec Square Footage 230,000 square feet (Mental Health & Research), 200,000 square feet (Seismic Upgrade) Construction Cost $130 million (Mental Health & Research), $30 million (Seismic Upgrade), $50 million (Parking Structure) Completion Date 2017 Project Manager Cale Ash Project Office Seattle