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We are “design and construction” Structural Engineers. On a daily basis, we help clients move from concept to construction – delivering solutions and seeing them through implementation. We constantly join with colleagues and clients to collaborate, innovate and break new ground together. We are leaders in the industry, uniquely connected to a diverse network of colleagues and expertise. At our core, we are passionate engineers and we apply this energy daily to our projects.   

We are also Forensic Engineers. When called upon, we bring the expertise and passion of our engineering practice to find objective answers, develop clear solutions, and see them through resolution. Our foundation as practicing Structural Engineers makes us ideally suited to bring real-world, practical perspectives to litigation, insurance, and damage situations, across the full spectrum of our engineering practice.

Get connected by contacting Andrew Scott, SE, Principal in our San Francisco, California office or Lief Kaiper, our Forensics Business Development Manager