Approach to Project Management

Collaboration. Responsiveness. Communication. These are the hallmarks of our project management approach and how we've stayed in business for more than 70 years. We don't like to brag so we'll just tell you that we're the oldest and largest earthquake engineering firm in the country. We believe we've survived this long and grown so much because of our project management approach.

Reliable Commitments

Reliable commitments form the foundation of trust with our clients and within our firm. We live up to the promises we make and when we cannot, we communicate the issues and openly negotiate alternative commitments.

Communications and Financial Systems

We invest in the latest communications and financial tools to manage our projects and company. Project managers and team members have real-time and full access to project information.


Great project management is the direct result of simple principles like responsiveness. We respond to the needs and requests of our clients and provide the latest tools for communication to our staff to meet our clients' expectations.


We want our relationships to have meaning. So we choose wisely. Our project management approach and relationship-based business development supports a deeper connection with a select number of clients.

Experience with Regulatory Agencies

Our experience with regulatory agencies such as OSHPD and DSA provides a substantial advantage to our clients.