While most engineers are focused on engineering and honing their technical expertise, Degenkolb Engineers are business owners trained in what we call "Ownership Thinking." Everyone who works at the firm has a stake in the firm. This keeps us on our toes. It also breeds a culture where engineers think like business people, not just engineers. This allows us to get close to our clients and connect with them from one business owner to another.


As an employee-owned firm we all have a stake in the future success of the company, and we strive to make our decisions from the perspective of a business owner.

Large Firm with Local Support

We bring firm-wide capability to our projects while managing them locally.

Willing to Take Risks

As a firm we are willing to take risks as long as we understand the issues involved and can effectively mitigate the issues that cause the risk.

Investment in the Future

We invest a portion of our earnings in the future growth and development of the firm to create opportunities and ensure the long-term health of the business.

Supportive of Professional Development

As owners of the firm, our investment in professional development is making an investment in ourselves. There is no better investment we can make.

Hire the Best

We hire the best people in the industry that fit into our culture. We provide the structure, resources, and incentives for them to stay, and we grow the firm based on the growth of our people.