My Degenkolb: Ariel Creagh
Project Engineer
San Francisco

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Life & Culture at Degenkolb

How would you describe the culture at Degenkolb?

Degenkolb is a wonderful mix of talented engineers who are also incredibly fun to be around.  This is a place that holds its engineers to a high standard for the caliber of work produced, and also cares deeply about the individual development of each of its engineers.  Degenkolb doesn’t just make buildings, it is a firm that truly wants to better the built environment and help protect people from earthquakes in California and around the world.  I think that says a lot about the type of people that work here.

Why did you choose Degenkolb?

There is one company that stands out as the leader in structural earthquake design and that is Degenkolb.  Their engineers have a strong presence in industry contribution at the top universities and at the national committee meetings, which shape the standards by which all engineers must adhere.  The long history and continued excellence in the field attracted me to the company.

Your Career

Why have you stayed at Degenkolb?

The amount of trust and responsibility I’ve been given as a young engineer is empowering and rewarding.  I feel like this is a company where I will be able to thrive in my career because they treat all employees as meaningful contributors.  Senior principals have often asked my opinion on a subject - that isn’t something you find everywhere.